Gay Agender Entity

Hello! My name is Calico. I'm the CEO of bastards, but fret not! I do not bite much, and when I do, it is out of affection only. Below are some fun personality facts about me, feel free to read them (or don't)!

258 ✨ True Neutral

Naughty Nature

Gemini☉ Taurus🌕︎ Leo⬆

Adorkable + Affably Evil + Cryptic Conversation + Deadpan Snarker + Smug Super + Tsundere + Undying Loyalty

White + Asian

ND + Physically Ill23(!) ; OSDD-1b Alter

I don't really mention system stuff on main but as an alter my age is closer to 19.
I am aware of the body's physical age but I ask that you respect my age too if possible!

Please alternate my pronouns!
# I don't always follow back and I tend to unfollow if I'm not followed back.
#If you condone and consume typical irredeemable/problematic stuff don't interact with me. Fiction DOES impact reality and I don't want anyone near me that disagrees with that, however, ask me what qualifies if you're unsure.
#If you're white and go by names outside of your race get outta here.
#I'm very tired and picky so if I deem you a freak I'll just block. This heavily applies to the support of antisemitic media and ideals



GBF + Code Geass + SMT/Persona + Pokemon + Tales Of + Gundam 00
Astronomy + Divination + Compsci + Marine Biology

Check out my Backloggd for more!

CCs: Klaus + Fei + Jin + Ion + Ryoji + Volo + Kongwai + Gran + Lucilius + Cynthia. And more!
I do kin, feel free to ask. If it's an issue I'll SB.

Klaus has been the most important character to me ever since 2014. He is a tragic man driven not only by his own hubris, but desperation to be a saviour for mankind's failures. Klaus has been woven into the threads of fate, but due to that he is tied down to an endless loop of tragedy and failure. I would like to buy him a lush bath bomb I think he deserves it.

Fei is my most favourite protagonist ever! He gets his own special page because of how important he is to me. I just love him a lot.

Jin is my biggest romantic comfort character!! I love Jin with all I have, he is the reason I am known as Calico Torna. I was the first person in the world to get him to Level 99 in base game. World hard and cold, Jin tiddies soft and warm.